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Dynamysk's DART is the most powerful, multi-purpose reporting tool you will find in the Oil & Gas industry. Customized to the client’s needs, it will eliminate redundant tasks; and improve efficiency and accuracy in all of your operational reporting.
Why use it?
Custom designed, secure data storage with a built in audit trail
Simple, intuitive user interface, minimal training required
Predefined and configurable reports export to Excel or PDF
Default Dashboards based on user specifications allow a quick view of critical data
Web based interface allows data correction, data entry and report access based on user level access
Accurate and timely review of field data
Proven allocation module with validation built-in
AER (formerly the ERCB) accepted
Standard product and o/s with your choice of DB (Oracle / SQL)
User maintainable
Resource Allocations
Well Testing
Transfer Ticketing
KPI (Key Performance Indicators Tracking)
Meter Tracking
Custom Programming
Measurement Asset Center
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