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At Dynamysk, we believe that companies require sustainable and focused Measurement & Reporting integrity programs. We concentrate our specific measurement and reporting knowledge on identifying and documenting key business processes and controls within an organization.
EPAP Services:
Sustainable and cost effective EPAP consulting
Timely and accurate EPAP Annual Declarations
Compliance Assessment Reporting (CAR)
Audit Services
Identification and evaluation of business processes and controls related to EPAP themes
Remediation planning and implementation on deficient themes
Control based auditing utilizing the EPAP Operator Handbook recommended best practices
Substantive audits as identified in the control evaluation process
Work with the client to identify and review relevant and pertinent CAR items
Assist in the reduction of 'false positives' on the monthly CAR report
Assist in annual declaration submission to the AER
Assist the client in understanding requirements set forth by the Production Audit Team related to EPAP feedback
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