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BCS is a proprietary tool developed by Dynamysk for the management of the design, installation and monitoring of fired appliances to ensure compliance with applicable codes.  BCS exceeds the requirements set-out by AMA. 

Key features:
Secure Web based Application
SQL server engine for Database with easy to use interface
Fired appliance inventory and engineering data repository
Easy to use filter and search functionality
Real-time progress updates
Customized, on demand reporting
Progress tracking tool visualization
Electronic audit trail with daily and weekly backups
Data imported and exported in bulk within Excel
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The Dynamysk Gas Code Compliance program was developed to support owners achieve field certification for fired appliances in compliance with CSA B149.3. 
This program is designed to identify & categorize non-compliant appliances, document potential risk of each appliance and prioritise remediation work.  Dynamysk
offers field assessment, design/build solutions for remediation of non-compliant installations including field inspections in the electrical (CEC) and gas (B149.1)
disciplines.  We work with approved certification and inspection bodies to obtain field certification/approval once remediation work is complete.  Designs are pre-
approved prior to construction to avoid rework.  Dynamysk can provide customized solutions to suit any need.

Regulatory Requirement:  January 2013 - The “Notice of Expiration of VAR GAS-05-05” was issued by Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA) informing the industry that
enforcement would begin after the January 1, 2015 compliance deadline.

What’s new?  October 2014 - Given the large inventory of non-compliant installations in the province, AMA issued “Standata G-02-14” as an acceptable alternative to
the “Notice of Expiration of VAR-GAS-05-05” requirement.  In this information bulletin, AMA introduced the Legacy Equipment Management Systems (LEMS) program
where a full inventory of all non-compliant gas fired appliances must be submitted prior to January 1, 2015. Proof of progression towards compliance is required in an
annual progress update to AMA with all appliances fully compliant no later than January 1, 2020.

What is LEMS? LEMS is a management system for the design, installation and compliance progress tracking of fired appliances to ensure compliance with
applicable codes.