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The employees of Dynamysk Automation believe that all of us have a duty to uphold a high standard of health, safety and care for the environment. We count on each other to identify hazards and provide solutions, in an effort to eliminate incidents and provide a safe workplace for all.

At Dynamysk, the management team is committed to providing proper training, equipment and procedures to carry out our duties in a safe manner. As employees of Dynamysk, we will use this training to protect our fellow workers and create a safe place to work. As a company, we will comply with legislated safety regulations and seek to improve the industry standard.
In our HSE manual, you will find useful guidelines to assist in meeting our goal of zero incidents. We continually strive to improve through forward thinking, care and attention.

It is our policy to perform work in a manner that protects and preserves the quality of the environment wherever we perform work activities and to comply with applicable laws, regulations, reporting and permits to conduct responsible work.

Dynamysk provides our employees and subcontractors proper safe work procedures to perform such tasks that may have potential for impact to the environment. It is the responsibility of the employees and subcontractors to use the training provided and foster continued improvement in the handling of waste material and the use of renewable resources.
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Dynamysk Automation Ltd. is awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Saskatchewan WCB recognizing our safe work practices!