Fabrication services

Dynamysk opened its panel fabrication facility in 2013, and since then has supplied fabrication only and design-build services to a wide range of customers. Our focus is industrial controls relating to the manufacturing of PLC, RTU control panels and DCS system and marshalling cabinets; field junction boxes, marshalling cabinets; contactor panels; and communication/server hardware racking options.

Scope of Services:

Panel Styles:

  • SCADA / RTU Panels
  • PLC / DCS Panels
  • Marshalling Panels
  • Lighting Contactor Panels
  • UPS Control Panels
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Communication Panels
  • HVAC Power Panels
  • VFD Control Panel Integration
  • Terminal Junction Boxes
  • High Voltage Switching Panels
  • Others

Panel Fabrication Abilities:

  • Stud welding, for custom installation with no paint burns
  • Insulating panels with foil back or regular insulation
  • Custom terminal tagging
  • Custom thermal labeling of equipment
  • Small custom metal bracket fabrication
  • Alliance with a custom enclosure manufacturer
  • Large material containment / storage area for custom supplied materials
  • Project management
  • Design assistance
  • Separate area for staging of customer panels (C/W power supplies, internet connection, etc.)

We Are an Approved Contractor With

Safety Codes Council
Professional Engineers