Turnkey Panel Fabrication

Eliminate the need for multiple vendors. Experience hassle-free handovers. Shrink your project costs and schedule

Dynamysk offers end-to-end design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of inspected and certified control panels for any industrial application.

Panel fabrication services are just one way we enhance the execution of full turnkey engineering projects.

Our in-house team takes your panel construction project from concept to commissioning, with consistent personnel managing the full lifecycle of the project, providing your stakeholders with complete visibility the entire time.

Reduce Project Costs by up to 20%

We have a well-defined, streamlined approach to full scope, turnkey project delivery, significantly reducing your total project costs.

Compress Schedules by up to 30%e

Our tightly integrated teams ensure seamless hand-off from one project stage to the next, with no RFIs or clarification rounds slowing progress.

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Inspected & Certified Panels for Demanding Industrial Settings

Eliminate the added cost, hassle and schedule disruptions caused by working with a different vendor for each stage of your panel fabrication project — Our experienced team manages your project from design all the way through to commissioning, removing all the usual pain points that can occur during hand-off between disciplines.


Following a consultation to define scope, our Engineering team produces panel layouts and wiring diagrams. Stamped drawing packages are submitted for approval, and the CWP is prepared.


Panels are fabricated to the design spec in our on-site manufacturing facilities. Drawings are redlined as required, then factory acceptance testing is completed and customer sign-off obtained.


All panels undergo full QA/QC inspections by our accredited Inspections team, who provides any required certifications. Inspection data is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval and verification.


Once panels are shipped to site, our Field Services team installs the new panels, completes commissioning and site acceptance testing, and obtains final customer sign-off on the project.

SCADA / RTU Panels  ♦  PLC / DCS Panels  ♦  Marshalling Panels  ♦  Lighting Contractor Panels  ♦  UPS Control Panels  ♦  Power Distribution Panels
Communication Panels  ♦  HVAC Power Panels  ♦  VFD Control Panel Integration  ♦  Terminal Junction Boxes  ♦  High Voltage Switching Panels

Find out how we can help on your next project

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