Control System Migration

Today’s competitive environment demands automation solutions that increase plant efficiency and profitability. Plant system performance can significantly impact a manufacturer’s bottom line. Leveraging automation capabilities through simplified, cost-effective migration to a new technology, while optimizing current investments is a key to success.

Making the Case for a Migration

In some cases, legacy control systems can no longer meet corporate objectives that include enterprise-wide sharing of business information. Nor are they a reliable and sustainable solution providing a high degree of diagnostic information to ensure the health of plant assets and keep the process running longer with proactive maintenance.

Plants with outdated controls also face issues related to a retiring workforce and loss of intellectual property. Industrial organizations require the latest automation solutions to enable increased throughput, lower costs and improved regulatory compliance while responding to customer demands for better product quality and faster delivery.

As operators become more effective, assets work harder and businesses become more agile, process performance increases and overall operational effectiveness advances to new levels.

What we offer

Dynamysk is an expert with executing control system migration projects and can help implement a solid strategy for success by;

  • Selecting the right technology
  • Assisting with operator acceptance
  • Creating third party interfaces
  • Scheduling migration work
  • Preparing system cut-over
  • System integration
  • Maintenance
  • Continuous evolution

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