Alarm Management

The purpose of process control alarms is to use automation to assist human operators as they monitor and control processes, and alert operators to abnormal situations. Incoming process signals are continuously monitored, and if the value of a given signal moves into an abnormal range, a visual and/or audio alarm notifies the operator of that condition.

Poorly performing alarm systems, plagued by alarm floods, alarm ‘chatter’, inaccurate alarms, and/or disabled alarms, can diminish operator situational awareness and negatively impact plant production and safety. A well implemented alarm system can provide timely and meaningful alarms to operators which lead operators to making corrective actions and thereby improving plant safety and increasing efficiency.

Dynamysk experts can guide you through the process of developing and defining alarm standards through to implementation of an efficient and workable alarm management system. We can support your team throughout each phase of the alarm life-cycle, using our experience to provide training, documentation and software solutions.

Dynamysk can assist with all alarm management project challenges and add value to your project by assisting your team with project planning, alarm prioritization, grouping and suppression and, finally, administration!

Alarm Management Benefits

  • Improves situation awareness, decision support, and operator effectiveness
  • Reduces operator loading and fatigue
  • Delivers insight into emerging abnormal situations
  • Reduces the number of unplanned shutdowns
  • Increases production throughput
  • Helps drive compliance with alarm management standards and best practices