Field Services

The Field Services division of Dynamysk specializes in providing automation lifecycle services including Construction, Commissioning and Inspections at your industrial facility. Dynamysk is focused on providing our clients with the support required to see the project through to a successful completion and turn-over to Operations.


The Field Services division of Dynamysk specializes in providing multi-discipline commissioning technicians with the experience and expertise required to safely and efficiently commission and start up your facility.

Digital Completions

Dynamysk’s Digital Completions Services encompass the complete turnover process from engineering through to a fully operational facility, with all quality, regulatory and turnover documentation requirements fulfilled.


We provide a trained and experienced team of instrumentation, electrical, operations and control system technologists who can meet the challenging requirements of supporting your operating facilities.


Our team of highly experienced technicians provide a full range of turnaround services including instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, operations, control systems, SIS proof testing and planning / scheduling.

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