Commissioning & Start-Up Services

Getting your system or facility commissioned and started up on time is critical to project success, and you need a team you know will get the job done right.
Dynamysk specializes in providing multi-discipline commissioning technicians with the experience and expertise required to ensure the safe and efficient commissioning and start-up of your facility.

The Right Team at the Right Time

We offer Western Canada’s largest pool of highly qualified technicians, and can quickly mobilize teams with the right set of skills to get you up and running on schedule.

Multi-disciplinary Technicians

Our key team members have both construction and commissioning experience; they identify issues more efficiently and your start-up goes more smoothly.

Real-time Project Tracking & Controls

Stakeholders have complete transparency and visibility during the entire project – no unplanned cost overruns or schedule delays.


Dynamysk’s roots are in providing Commissioning and Start-up services, and we are known across Canada as the go-to commissioning provider.

Planning Support

We can help you develop your end-to-end commissioning strategy, including:

Full Commissioning and Start-up Services

Our experienced commissioning teams provide a full suite of services including:
  • Development of CSU execution plan
  • Process system boundary definition
  • System commissioning procedures
  • Management of change process
  • Energization plans
  • Completions system development &
  • Safe operating practices development
  • FAT / SAT guideline development
  • Vendor coordination & management
  • Control systems integration procedures
  • Control systems logic testing & configuration
  • Instrumentation loop checks
  • Analytical process control
  • Calibration & testing
  • Power distribution
  • Motor control centres
  • Switchgear
  • Variable frequency drives
  • High & medium voltage systems & equipment.
  • Quality assurance / quality control
  • Lock-out tag-out procedures
  • Rotating equipment testing
  • Piping / vessels
  • Start-up / shutdown procedure writing
  • Start-up assistance
  • First fills
  • Piping system integrity testing
  • Vessel inspections
  • E&I maintenance contracts

Find out how we can help on your next project

Call or email us to discuss the requirements of your next project and how Dynamysk’s experienced team can help you complete it successfully.