Digital Completions

Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming paper-based completions processes. Improve visibility and communications between teams. Experience smooth, hassle-free turnovers.

Dynamysk’s Digital Completions Services encompass the complete turnover process from engineering, through construction and commissioning, to a fully operational facility, with all quality, regulatory and turnover documentation requirements fulfilled.

We execute each and every project from a completions mindset – our workflows and procedures were designed based on a rich knowledge base and extensive field experience, to ensure worry-free project execution.per mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Rely on Our Highly Experienced Team

Benefit from our decades of hands-on Completions experience. We’re more than just software administrators – our Digital Completions team has a deep knowledge base and extensive practical experience with the process and requirements in the field.

Manage Your Project End-to-End

Leverage digital completions throughout the project lifecycle for planning, execution and reporting, with real-time, global information. Eliminate confusion around responsibility and benefit from the visible accountability provided

Use Any Completions Software

Gain access to the richest resource pool in western Canada when it comes to expertise with all the major completions software solutions. No matter what software tool you use, our experienced team can support your project end to end.

Digital Completions done right

Every completions project is managed by a highly experienced field services team. We offer end to end support, which eliminates the issue of critical tasks or documentation falling between the cracks during turnover from one phase of the project to the next, dramatically reduces your risk, and results in significant time and cost savings.

Database Management

We help you define and build the completions database framework to ensure every piece of documentation is completed, recorded and available when needed. Our expertise includes administering all the major completions software solutions.

  • Database administrators with extensive completions field experience
  • Data export to your maintenance management system at the conclusion of the project to facilitate a smooth turnover to operations


We work with your completions team to develop and implement robust plans and procedures for each phase.

  • Performing system scoping
  • Developing plans for mechanical completions and turnover procedures
  • Preparing commissioning plans, procedures, and checklist templates

Quality Assurance

We ensure all quality reviews and regulatory inspections for each project phase are complete and documented.

  • Conducting module yard and vendor quality assurance / quality control inspections
  • Supporting the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) process
  • Coordinating and conducting area walk-downs with contractors


We provide complete, custom reporting to all stakeholders for real-time visibility into progress and status at each phase. Desktop and mobile dashboards deliver the information you need, when and where you need it, or download detailed PDF reports on demand.

  • Facilitating document control for turnovers
  • RFI management and reporting
  • Deficiency management and reporting
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly completions reporting

Completions Software that Works the Way You Do

RFO Central is our completions software of choice, available for value-added implementation on every project we deliver. RFO Central was created by field services experts with extensive completions experience, and was built to mitigate every possible risk, giving you confidence that you will be ready for operations without issue.

Find out how we can help on your next project

Call or email us to discuss the requirements of your next project and how Dynamysk’s experienced team can help you complete it successfully.