Industrial Turnaround Services

Don’t put your turnaround schedule at risk due to unqualified or unprepared teams, or lack of ability to mobilize the right size team for the job.

Dynamysk provides complete turnaround services including planning, management and execution of turnarounds for industrial facilities, with a focus on safety and risk mitigation, and a strong history of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Qualified Turnaround Resource Teams

Our skilled resources have years of field experience and a proven track record of successfully executing industrial turnaround projects.

Efficient Project SOW Execution

Turnaround teams arrive on site fully prepared and ready to work, ensuring the project scope is completed as efficiently as possibl

Real-time Project Tracking

Stakeholders have complete transparency and visibility during the entire project – no unplanned cost overruns or schedule delays.


Turnarounds are high pressure projects, and having a team that is both experienced and knowledgeable with respect to the required scope of work is critical to successfully starting up on schedule.

Drawing from our large resource pool of technicians, Dynamysk provides fit for purpose teams for even the most sizeable turnaround scopes. This ability, combined with our rigorous focus on safety and full visibility through cloud-based tracking and controls, significantly reduces your risk and enables you to start up with confidence.

Scope of Services

  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Operations
  • Control Systems (PLC, DCS)
  • SIS Proof Testing
  • Planning / Scheduling



million hours of Turnaround & Commissioning work executed

more than


Turnaround & Commissioning projects supported since 2006

provided crews of up to


Electrical & Instrumentation resources for client turnarounds

Completions Software that Works the Way You Do

RFO Central is our completions software of choice, available for value-added implementation on every project we deliver. RFO Central was created by field services experts with extensive completions experience, and was built to mitigate every possible risk, giving you confidence that you will be ready for operations without issue.

Find out how we can help on your next project

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