Gaining Control

How Accreditation Empowers You to Manage Your Own Corporate Safety Program

Maintaining strict safety standards is a guiding principal for every industrial sector. In Alberta, the Safety Codes Council holds the responsibility of administering the Safety Codes Act, and partners with Alberta Municipal Affairs for that purpose.

However, this can present a huge challenge for companies with sites spread across the province that need to work with multiple municipalities, each with their own processes, to ensure that all their facilities are inspected based on uniform compliance requirements.

As a result, many companies choose to obtain accreditation from the Safety Codes Council to administer the safety program for their facilities, giving them a greater measure of control. But what are the actual ins and outs of accreditation and what does it mean for your company?

In this video, John Jones and Kimberley Buye, Dynamysk’s Regulatory Inspections business unit management team, discuss some of the high level benefits of accreditation with the Safety Codes Council of Alberta.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into the topic, you can watch the full 30 minute on-demand webinar here.