The Digital Evolution of Process OT Systems

Episode 1 – Setting the Stage

What does the push for digitalization actually mean in the process OT world? What are the benefits? The risks? Where can it lead? Join Dynamysk VP Engineering Darcy Black for this three part video series that dives into all of these questions.

In Episode 1, Darcy sets the stage with some definitions and foundational information about the differences between IT and OT, and between digitalization and digitization (yes they are two different things!).


00:00 – Introduction
01:22 – Darcy’s background
02:35 – Definitions: Process automation & examples of process automation systems
03:23 – Definitions: Control Systems, Operational Technology, Information Technology
04:03 – Differing priorities between IT and OT
05:52 – Definitions: Digitalization and Digitization
06:23 – Has the digital revolution already happened in process automation?
06:49 – Next steps