RFO Central Has a New Look

We are very pleased to announce that in addition to all the other new features added to RFO Central over the last year, the software has also just received a major facelift. Over the years RFO Central has undergone continuous development to add new capabilities and functionality as well as to increase security and improve performance, and we are excited to introduce this next step in its evolution.

So what has changed?

RFO Central Tag Screen

The overall interface has been updated with a modern, monochromatic color theme to minimize distractions and ensure key information is quickly identifiable.

The active screen tab now stays highlighted to make it easier to keep track of which screen you are on.

All icons have been simplified to a single color. Icons still appear in the same order on each screen that they did previously, and most are still very similar in design to the original. Tooltip text also appears when you hover over each icon, to assist with easy identification.

The green dot that previously indicated attachments on individual line items has been replaced with a paperclip.

Full cells are highlighted in green, amber or red (rather than just the colored text that appeared previously) to indicate the presence of attachments or documents, and the state of completion. This makes it much easier to skim the screen and identify where action needs to be taken.

We are excited to introduce this major update, and welcome your feedback on the changes. We continually strive to improve RFO Central through on-going development and it is important to us to hear from our customers what features and functionality will be of most value to you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have.