Dynamysk is a full-service systems integration company. At Dynamysk, we offer engineering expertise in Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical Design / Engineering, Systems Integration


Our focus is industrial controls relating

to the manufacturing of PLC, DCS, RTU control panels, marshalling cabinets, contactor panels and communication/server hardware racking options.


We provide a consistent inspection process, including uniform code interpretation, documentation, and reliable retention of all compliance- related information.

Field Services

The Field Services division of Dynamysk specializes in providing multi-discipline commissioning technicians with the experience and expertise required to safely and efficiently commission and start up your facility.


Our highly experienced and dedicated leaders and supervisors create the environment where all, internal & external, stakeholders benefit from a consolidated approach to achieving the goals set by our customers.

Ready for Operations

RFO Central is a user-friendly cloud application for tracking, documenting and progressing the turnover process throughout all phases of the project life-cycle, from engineering and design, through construction and quality control, to commissioning and start-up.