Spanning the Atlantic – Dynamysk Provides International Project Support on FPSO Upgrade

When a large energy company needed a project team on the ground in Spain on short notice to assist with a major upgrade project on one of their ships and get it ready to sail back across the Atlantic Ocean to Newfoundland, they turned to Dynamysk.

The ship was a large floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, and was being upgraded to extend its lifespan. It was dry docked in Spain to have a significant portion of the work completed before being returned to Canada.

As the drydock work was nearing completion, additional resources were needed within a very tight timeframe in order to get the ship ready to sail. Dynamysk was asked to provide a team of 12 qualified instrumentation technicians to assist with the final phase of the project. Due to previous projects we had completed for the client, they had every confidence that we would be able to deliver the team they needed with in the timeframe they specified, and we did. Within seven days of receiving the request from the client, we had a crew with the required qualifications assembled, all travel paperwork was in order, and the first few members of the crew were on their way to Spain.

Dynamysk was also tasked with supervising a critical construction job that need to be completed before the ship sailed, which our team did with the help of translation apps to assist them in communicating in Spanish with the local tradespeople on the job.

Two months later, once the ship was ready to set sail, five members of the Dynamysk team were asked to join the crew on the ship to provide additional maintenance support as the ship made its way back across the Atlantic to home waters, where the final upgrade work was to be completed.

Earlier this month, Dynamysk received a request for another crew to assist with commissioning in Newfoundland. Once again, we assembled the right team for the job, and that work is currently underway.

If you would like to discuss how Dynamysk can provide support on your next project, please reach out to us by email at or by phone at 403-513-4100 or for a discussion.