Turnkey ICE Project Delivery Services

Minimize RFIs, hand-off inefficiencies, schedule delays and project risks.

You need to get your facility operational as quickly as possible, control project costs, and be confident absolutely nothing has slipped through the cracks. We can help.

Industrial projects are challenging, whether they are capital, operational or maintenance, and there is constant pressure to complete the project as efficiently as possible. Having a smooth transition from one phase to the next is critical to that efficiency, but rarely happens when multiple vendors are delivering different phases of the project.

Dynamysk provides fully integrated turnkey solutions. Our structured and proven project delivery framework improves schedule management, reduces cost, and minimizes risk for our customers.

Improve your schedule and budget without sacrificing on scope

With Dynamysk executing your full turnkey project, the critical hand-off between phases is seamless. Work packages are lean, clarifications are minimized, and the results are evident in how quickly you get your process and facility started up.

FEED & Detailed
Engineering Design


Construction & Panel Fabrication


Regulatory & QA/QC Inspections


Commissioning &


Operations &

Dynamysk’s proven project delivery philosophy results in measurable, tangible benefits for our customers – benefits that go straight to your bottom line.

Significantly Reduce Project Costs

Our streamlined processes, fit for purpose design packages and simplified supply chain management throughout the project means your budget can be significantly reduced.

Compress Project Schedules

Every schedule delay means a delay in getting your facility up and running. Compressing your schedule means shorter times to full production and less lost revenue.

Eliminate Most Typical Rework

The rework that is often needed due to miscommunication, uncoordinated transitions, and other issues is minimal, because Dynamysk manages and executes the project end-to-end.

Reduce Your Risk


The right PEOPLE

Dynamysk has one of the largest pool of technical resources in Western Canada, and each member of one of our integrated project teams is specifically selected to match the requirements of the project scope, to ensure quality outcomes every time.

The right PROCESS

 Dynamysk employs well proven processes to ensure that each project phase runs smoothly and the transition to the next phase is equally smooth, safeguarding your budget and schedule.


As a technology agnostic solution partner, Dynamysk’s team helps you evaluate and select the technology best suited to your application, to ensure you get the best fit, best cost outcomes you need.

Find out how we can help on your next project

Call or email us to discuss the requirements of your next project and how Dynamysk’s experienced team can help you complete it successfully.